Our work is aimed at different sectors of the population and aspects outside the clinic.

Infancy – adolescence

Children and young people are an important group and not to be overlooked; we cover all ages from pre-school to adolescence. The probability of resolving difficulties successfully during these stages is relatively high; this is the ideal age for acquiring new skills, with learning faculties at a peak. Young patients are still developing their abilities and full mental capacity, which improves the treatment outcome, promotes healing and improves learning in the long term.


The adult patient group covers the largest range of ages. During adult life, a series of stress factors become present that differ from those which usually appear during childhood and young adulthood. This is why we distinguish between each patient group, taking age and role differences into account – worker, mother, father, carer etc). An immersion in adulthood that demands too much or one for which we are unprepared can affect us in different ways. Nevertheless, despite the advancing years, people do not lose their capacity to adapt. The potential to overcome difficult periods is still there; we focus on this potential to help the patient obtain a positive outcome.

Mutual insurers, enterprises, same-sector professionals

The favourable repercussions of psychological treatment are well known with respect to the average costs of mutual insurance and enterprises and staff time off work due to sickness or accident-related treatment.
Different research has shown the cost-effectiveness of investment in psychological procedures delivered in parallel with medical treatment. This research has also brought to light a subsequent reduction in overall healthcare expenses.

As professionals, we offer support in carrying out a synergic and multidisciplinary work which is known to produce the best results for the person under treatment and, therefore, for the company.

If you are looking for advice, information, training or contributors to other activities including teaching or giving lectures, we also offer our experience.